over 900,000 monthly visitors watch online videos when planning a trip to Nashville.

now those Videos have a home.


A new way to explore.

Combining City Guides and Video.

SeeNash.com connects visitors with the experiences they are seeking in Nashville. Many travelers use a text or image based city guide like Yelp for ideas, and then turn to Google to watch videos before making a decision. SeeNash.com combines these services in one place and gives control of the content back to local businesses.

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One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words


Visitors discover activities based on location and interests.

SeeNash.com provides many of the features of popular city guide apps like Yelp, but first time ever visitors are able to explore though videos.

Not only does the brain processes video 60,000 times faster than text, but viewers also retain 95% of a message when watching compared to just 10% when reading.

Consumers who prioritize a good experience when deciding how to spend their time and money will always prefer video over still images when choosing a restaurant, activity, or accommodation.

78% of travelers say informative content from destinations can influence their decision-making process.

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When planning a trip to Nashville, potential customers will be able to discover your business by selecting categories and specific areas.


We listened to small business owners and completely eliminated written user reviews in favor of a single average user rating provided by Google.


 Once finding your listing visitors will be able to watch a video showcasing your unique experience, along with information like descriptions, websites, hours, etc

Mobile + PC in one webapp

The mobile webapp will allow users to access their saved locations, call you, get detailed directions, or even order an Uber directly to your business.

How will visitors find SeeNash.com?

During the trip planning phase visitors will access SeeNash directly through VisitMusicCity.com. Visitors who are already in Nashville will see advertisements in Premier Parking lots downtown. We expect 300,000 monthly impressions.

How much does it cost to be listed?

Listings are exclusive to NCVC members and the cost is included in your membership. In order to be listed you must submit an approved experience video. Please see the FAQ for video guidelines.

What if I don't have a video?

The NCVC and SeeNash.com are assisting members with video production starting at $250. Videos are owned by the business and can be used for all video marketing channels including Youtube, social media, and websites.  Sign up and select "I need a video" in the sign up options.

What if Im not a member of the NCVC?

We think every local business in hospitality should become members of the NCVC, which promotes our city as a top travel destination nationwide.  We support businesses who support Nashville!  To get a listing and inquire about membership select "I am not a member" in the sign up options.

SiGn Up

Listings will be limited at launch, so reserve your spot today.

Unsure if your video meets the NCVC guidelines?  See the FAQ below.

Not an NCVC member?  Join now and help Nashville continue to grow into a top national destination! 

E: hello@foundry.net
P: +614 3948 2726


Tweet us at @tripblazr for additional inquiries.

  • What are the video guidelines?

    We want visitors to have an accurate idea of the experience they can expect at your business.  Content must be shot documentary style, on site with no actors or artificial lighting, and have less than 30 seconds of someone speaking directly to the camera.  Another words, no commercials!  Not sure if your video will qualify?  Send it over and we will check it out.  

  • When does SeeNash.com launch?

    SeeNash.com is currently live in open beta, but v.1 will launch alongside the redesign of VisitMusicCity.com in March 2019.  At that point, all listings must be NCVC members.

  • How many listings are available at launch?

    We plan to launch with 200 listings, spread evenly between accommodation, shopping, dining, and entertainment.

  • What if there are no more listings available?

    While the initial launch will be limited, we will be adding more listings each month, in the order that we receive sign ups.