A new way to explore.

 Find an experience.

The TripBlazr platform connects travellers with local experiences through videos on a map.   Almost all travelers will use a text based guide for ideas, but are forced to turn to alternative sources for video content.  Tripblazr combines the two, organizing a city's videos by location, and making it easy to find things to see and do nearby.

Location based video changes everything

We love video because it lets us "step inside" and preview an experience in ways still images and text simply cant match.   Why is that?  When watching a video the brain processes information 60,000 times faster and retains 85% more of the content than when reading text!


  • Discover

    Now you can find new places based on proximity to a point of interest.  Interested in what is near your hotel?  Check.  Want to see what part of town has the most shops and restaurants?  Check.  Want to find something fun to do and then have a drink nearby?  Check.  Want to find the best area to bar hop?  Check and Check.    

  • Search

    Use categories and neighborhoods to be more specific.  Eat, Drink, Play, See, and Stay.  Whatever you are looking for, you will find it on the map.  Once you find the perfect place, you can save it on the mobile app, navigate to the location, give them a call, or read a short summary with hours of operation.

  • watch & see

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words... if that is true then a three minute video is worth 5.4 million words.
    Lots of sites let you look at images and read user reviews, but TripBlazr is the only guide that has a video for every location... and you can see the difference.

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